Space Dandy a victim of Hype?

More than anything this is really a first Impressions of Space Dandy, but it also highlights the fact that hype can really destroy the enjoyment of what otherwise would be a pretty good show. Anyway the first three episodes of Space Dandy, arguably the most anticipated show of the winter season, have aired, and I cant help but be a little disappointed with what we’ve seen so far.

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Wake up Girls first Impressions

Wake up girls is an Idol Anime, usually when I see that as a description for a show I run a mile. Yes I’ve tried what many consider to be the best of the genre, Idolmaster and love live, but neither of those shows ever really stuck with me. So its with much surprise that after an hour long movie and two regular episodes, that I can say Wake up girls is one of if not my favorite show of the new season.

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